About Us


Rustic Drift is a boutique rental company based at the Jersey Shore specializing in upcycled and custom made rustic and vintage rentals for weddings, events, photo shoots and more. Rustic Drift vows to create one-of-a kind items that make your event incomparable and unforgettable. Whether it is the relationships in their lives or the products they create, husband and wife founders, Megan and Joel Dramis are dedicated to "growing old together."


Our Story

  • They met at a bar.
  • She hit on him first. (so he says)
  • They went on a date and another date, and another date, and another date.
  • They fell in love.
  • He proposed in a canoe.
  • They got married.
  • They had a baby.
  • They started Rustic Drift.
  • And then had another baby!

In short, that’s our story. Well that and a little more.

Both natural born entrepreneurs, Megan started making friendship bracelets on the school bus and selling them to her fourth grade classmates and Joel basically was doing yard work for the entire neighborhood by the age of twelve. Megan went on to study Entrepreneurial Venture Creation at the University of New Hampshire where she developed her first real business plan. After graduation she worked at a media company placing advertising for well know clients like Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, Wells Fargo, Bacardi, Miller Coors, Comcast, New Jersey Lottery and Boost Mobile. Her experience in marketing and advertising is already fueling the Rustic Drift brand.

Joel studied Fine Arts at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. Since graduation he has been creating everything from custom signage and furniture to hand carved sculptures. His sign work and artwork floods restaurants along Long Beach Boulevard and other local eateries on Long Beach Island. His creations leave you wanting more. In addition to his artwork, Joel has successfully started three other businesses.

Together, Megan and Joel are a couple and duo ready to make their mark in the wedding industry.