The Ocean is My Church

I remember the first time I asked Joel to go to church with me and his response was, "the ocean is my church." While I rolled my eyes at this witty remark from this avid surfer, this response has grown on me since. I am not one to push you out of bed on a Sunday morning to get to mass, or judge you when you don't attend church not even on Christmas Eve and I do not care about your beliefs but I do think it is important to believe. For Joel, being out on the ocean on a surfboard provides him time to think, relax and reflect. The same as some of us may do while taking a walk, going for a run, casting a line or maybe even going to church.

While penciling ideas for Rustic Drift about a year ago, when we were working on fine tuning potential rental items for ceremonies, I brought up church pews. Although this idea seemed slightly bogus to my husband at first, Joel was much more receptive than I had anticipated. When we came across the opportunity to purchases old pews from a church down in Mays Landing, we jumped right on it.

The logistics of refinishing ten church pews and transporting them to the beach for a wedding is no easy task but one that we both find rewarding in this business. For me, church pews on a beach symbolize faith while the ocean symbolizes opportunity. And what could be more truthful for a wedding day.

We have to remember as well that marriage is about compromise. If I can't get Joel to always go to my church at least I can now bring my church to him and vice versa.